Office of Public Health Immunization Program

Real conversations about all things vaccine.

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In today’s instant social world, we’re flooded with factual and fictitious information every day – especially about vaccines. So, how do you have authentic conversations focused on separating the truth from the myths? Welcome to Vax Matters. Partnering with the Office of Public Health Immunization Program, FC concepted, branded, produced and launched a 48-episode (and going) podcast featuring local broadcasting icons and experts from across Louisiana and country including representatives from the CDC and Johns Hopkins University. Each episode focuses on common questions and hesitancies encouraging listeners to keep an open mind, listen to the science and speak with a healthcare professional – not Dr. Google. The podcast was also expanded to include the mini-series “More That Matters” in an effort to feature lagniappe topics vital to the health and safety of Louisiana residents.

Vax Matters was not only embraced by the client, but has also received state, regional and national recognition, winning multiple public relations and healthcare-focused advertising awards.