Why You Need More Than a Logo
Bubble speech with cut out phrase "branding" in the paper.

Logo vs. Brand

The conversation usually goes a little something like this.

Client: “I’m starting a new business, so I need a logo.”


Hear us out. What you really need is a brand. Let’s start with the basics.

Logo: a business’ identification in its simplest form via a recognizable mark or symbol.

Brand: the emotion behind what someone sees, feels and hears when they interact with your company on any level.

At the core, branding is an emotional experience that helps attract and retain customers.

Consistency is Key

A logo is a great start, but if you’re not consistent in other areas of your brand, you’re not leaving the best impression with your audience in order to create and retain business.

If you have a logo, but you’re using different fonts, colors, photos and tones of voice across your external communication (websites, social media, brochures, etc.), it’s hard for your potential customers to understand or trust your company.

Building a Brand

Let’s start with a few simple questions.


Who do you want to appeal to? Narrow down your target audience in order to create a brand that appeals to that specific group.


What makes your company or product different? Get to the bottom of what makes your company shine and stand out from competition.


Why did you start your business? Your brand should explain what you’re trying to accomplish and the values and mission of your growing business.

What Now? 

It all comes down to creating clear, concise and consistent communication.

The sign on your building, the business cards you carry, the home page of your website, the photos you post on social media and the swag you hand out to the public all need to look, sound, and feel complementary for your clients to start recognizing your brand and your business.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk.