CareSouth Medical & Dental, formerly named Capitol City Family Health Center (CCFHC), is a federally qualified health center with locations in Baton Rouge, Plaquemine and Donaldsonville. Despite having been in operation since 1997, the communities they serve were not familiar with the clinics or the services they provided.

Leadership believed that the organization lacked a strong brand to help set it apart from competing healthcare organizations. And, for those who were aware of the brand, their perception of it was poor, which negatively impacted the organization’s ability to attract new patients and retain existing patients. In fact, the organization has seen a decrease in the number of new patients receiving care.


Our approach to solving their issues/challenges was to recommend research to confirm/dispel beliefs regarding the community’s perception of CCFHC in the marketplace. We initiated a detailed discovery process that included gathering existing information from CCFHC, as well as holding discussions with key stakeholders identified by CCFHC. We then partnered with a research company to administer a four-page door-to-door survey in a predetermined radius around all three clinics to accomplish the following:

  • Determine key features or “drivers” in healthcare selection for service line offerings of the clinics.
  • Identify differences in image and service delivery across the multiple clinic locations.
  • Establish measureable benchmarks for key branding and communication strategy development.
  • Identify distance individuals are willing to travel for medical care.
  • Identify media channels those individuals use on a regular basis.
  • Test various new name options to replace Capital City Family Health Center.

From the research, the name of Capital City Family Health Center was changed to CareSouth. A comprehensive rebranding initiative was launched that included new building signage, new paper systems and website development. That effort was followed by a media and public relations blitz to introduce the new name and services to residents and referring medical staff in the three communities they serve.


Since the launch, CareSouth has seen a reversal of the decline in number of patients served.