Why You Need More Than a Logo

Logo vs. Brand The conversation usually goes a little something like this. Client: “I’m starting a new business, so I need a logo.” Us: Hear us out. What you really need is a brand. Let’s start with the basics. Logo: a business’ identification in its simplest form via a recognizable mark or symbol. Brand: the …

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What’s in a Pixel?

Welcome to part one of the 10,000 part series, “How to properly over-explain a simple concept.” The goal here is to answer some simple questions that most people will have thought about at one time or another. Today we’re exploring the wonderful realm of pixels* and how images are displayed digitally, as opposed to how …

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The Power of Outdoor Advertising

Years ago, I was driving along I-12 when I saw an outdoor billboard that caught my eye. Normally, it would have been because it was inspiring work. In this case, it was for the exact opposite reason. The board ignored all of the “best practices” for creating impactful outdoor. It was too wordy, the color …

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